Get Connected Locally With Konexus

We're building the world's first rewards based local social network. Earn redeemable points, prizes, build your local network, and get invited to exclusive events in your city. Leave your email to get invited to the beta release on iOS in early 2016.

Changing The Face of Social Media - One Connection At A Time

Get rewarded for simply networking with new people, attending exciting local events, and supporting causes you care about

Create Local Groups & Teams

Create or join groups with up to 25 local people to earn redeemable points by completing both online & offline local challenges each week. See how your group ranks and gain bragging rights as you move up the various metro area and global Konexus leaderboards.

Konexus Shopper

Use your earned individual or group points to redeem them for locally sponsored prizes, to enter our monthly sweepstakes, cash donations to causes you are about, or to unlock new challenges for more points in our Konexus Store.

Leaderboard Phone.png

Become a RockStar in Your City

At the end of each week and month the teams and individuals who gain the most points on our leaderboards will win special prizes & discounts with local businesses, get free tickets to exclusive events, and gain entry to our national and global contests.

Share and Recruit on Social Media

Invite and recruit new local people from your favorite social media platforms and your current contact lists to join Konexus and help you reach the top of the charts in your city.


Konexus: Where Social Media meets Local Networking With a Twist

While most of the current social media platforms focus on connecting you with the entire world, we tend to think getting to know the folks who live & work where you do may be a much more managable task. So how do you make meeting strangers less awkward and intimidating? That's where Konexus comes in. We want to make networking a FUN and REWARDING experience. Form teams with new local people or play as an individual to complete both online and offline challenges to earn points for prizes, support causes you care about, and build REAL friendships with people who like the same things you do all while having A LOT of fun in the process. Get connected in your city with Konexus.

Coming Soon: An Even Better Konexus Experience !

Stay tuned as we make your local networking expereince even better with brand new features.

Live Interactive Local Events

Konexus will soon be hosting live interactive local events in a city near you in conjunction with awesome local businesses where you will be able meet other Konexus players, complete live challenges & tasks, and win various prizes.

Career Challenges & Networking

Konexus will soon be a place where you can use your local connections to foster relationships where you can benefit from a career perspective. You'll earn points and prizes for simply helping your new friends get to the next level in their careers. Stay tuned for more on this.

Konexus Virtual Economy

Konexus points will soon be redeemable in not only the Konexus app store but also at your favorite local businesses. Konexus players will be able to use their points and leaderboard rankings for discounts, perks, and free stuff by generating a code via your phone and showing it to the participating business.